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SocialStep Marketing and Consulting specializes in working with growth businesses, economic development organizations and government agencies. One of the most difficult things to do when running a business or department is prioritizing for optimal effectiveness.

“We use our 25 plus years of experience to create solutions that provide a clear path to the desired result. A path that is effective and practical to implement.” 

Malaika Moran, Owner and Lead Strategist 

Our Work

We develop and simplify marketing solutions for businesses and government agencies. Our services include marketing and strategic development; business planning; creative development and design; digital and traditional advertising. 

Brand Identity

These are the specifics of how you define who you are. What you will present to the world. This is the necessary foundation before any marketing is done. We develop yours to clearly covey the message your customers need to hear.

Marketing Blueprint

Goals are reached when a vision is clear. The number one way to waste money on marketing is to market without a plan. We help you make the most of each marketing dollar you spend by developing a plan that accurately reflects your vision, business identity and helps you reach your goals.

Business Advising

Don’t go it alone. Being close to a pain point sometimes hinders our ability to see a clear solution. Call for back up. One of our Strategists will work with you one-on-one toward your marketing goals.

Speaking / Facilitating

Our Owner and Lead Strategist, Malaika Moran, is an experienced speaker and facilitator in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship, strategy, lean business model and women in business.

Marketing Execution

If you have a marketing strategy, we can execute your entire strategy or expand the capacity of your existing staff and execute areas beyond their current capacity. We’ll hone in on your target audience and provide maximum exposure to the right audience.

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